WhatsApp and Facebook to face probe data

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WhatsApp and Facebook will be scrutinised by a data protection working group, after they were accused of “non-compliance” with the laws of the EU.

The regulatory agencies have taken the problem with the mail application of the data sharing plan of the user with the parent company Facebook.

A group of guard dogs and the regulatory bodies of the EU, united nations, known as the Article 29 Data Protection Working group, said WhatsApp has not fixed the issues raised.

WhatsApp and Facebook have not responded to the BBC request for comment.

Facebook has bought the messaging app in 2014 and is committed to maintaining, it is independent of his social network.

However, in August 2016, it announced plans to share user data with its parent company, to provide “friend suggestions” and “more relevant ads”.

At the time, the initiative has been criticised by the UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who said she does not believe that the company had obtained a valid consent from its users.

In his last letter to WhatsApp ceo, Jan Koum, the Working group said “the information presented to users has been seriously deficient as a means of informing their consent”.

He said:
the pop-up notice on WhatsApp does not specify that user’s personal data would be shared with Facebook
WhatApp has given a “false impression” to users by saying that the privacy policy has been updated to reflect “new features”
the use of a pre-ticked box to accept the new terms and conditions, do not indicate “consent”
the company does not provide sufficiently granular user controls” to allow people to choose to share data

Both Facebook and WhatsApp have been invited to a meeting with the working group, which will be led by the united KINGDOM information commissioner.