Kyiv authorities asking protesters to unblock Hrushevsky

Kyiv authorities receive complaints from the people of Kiev due to the overlap of the carriageway of the street Grushevskogo, and therefore I ask the protesters to unlock the street. This was stated by the Secretary of city Council Vladimir Prokopiv the channel 112.

On the roadway near the Parliament building the protesters have set up tents.

Prokopiv said that the city authorities with respect to the protests, but I ask the organizers of such shares with respect to interests of Kyivans.

“I personally was on Grushevskogo need to road closures, there was no, these tents standing empty, and is a critical influence on the transport infrastructure of the city, because to move around the city centre is almost impossible,” said Prokopiv.

October 24, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko has declared that does not exclude submissions on removal of parliamentary immunity of deputies-participants of clashes at Parliament building, among them the Deputy from the Samopomich Yehor Sobolev.