Equipment arrived. Poroshenko promised to give the Mat 62 tank

MOSCOW, October 14 — RIA Novosti. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will give 200 units of military weapons and equipment, including 62 tanks. He said this at a speech on the occasion of the Day of defender of Ukraine and taking of the oath by students of Kyiv military Lyceum named Ivan Bohun.

It is planned that Poroshenko later in the day will visit Zhytomyr region, in particular, military airfield and training ground, where he will give a technique the military.
A Ukrainian at the head of the NATO

The President expressed confidence that his country will become a member of NATO, and Ukrainian in the future may become the General Secretary of the Alliance.”There is no doubt that among these age not courageous teenagers are the future officers and generals, ambassadors and Ministers.

“Perhaps some future President. And perhaps, even, — the Secretary General of NATO, because Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance”, — said Poroshenko.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman in his congratulatory message said that the Ukrainian army in the medium term needs to achieve NATO standards, the country “has started actual integration into the Alliance”.

The Verkhovna Rada three years ago, has made changes in two laws, abandoning non-aligned status of the state. Last summer, we took additional changes, which determine NATO membership a foreign policy goal of the state.

The new military doctrine of the country stipulates the renewal rate in NATO: Ukraine by 2020 to ensure full compatibility of its armed forces with those of NATO countries.
“Mistakes of a century ago”

Poroshenko also spoke about the centenary of the Ukrainian army, which “defended the Ukrainian land from military aggression from the side and red and white Russia.” According to the President, Ukrainian politicians then did not have enough responsibility to unite in the face of “external threats”, with the result that the country lost independence.
“As President and Commander in chief, I guarantee you that will not allow repeating the mistakes of a century ago”, — he said.