The US allowed William Browder to enter the country

Earlier, the former banker who became a human rights activist, said that his visa was revoked after Moscow made it into the list of wanted persons, Interpol

WASHINGTON – a well-Known critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the US revoked his entry permit into the country, after Moscow failed to include it in the list of persons wanted by Interpol.

William Browder, who in 1998 gave up us citizenship for tax reasons and became a citizen of the UK, in an interview with “Voice of America” expressed hope that this decision will be soon revoked, but he can’t leave the UK until the problem is resolved. In a telephone interview from London, a former banker who became a human rights activist, said that it is not only about the ban on entering the United States.

“As it turned out, I can no longer enter the United States on the visa waiver program, because I have had status has been canceled and denied a visa,” said Browder in an interview with the Russian service “voice of America”.

“For me, – he noted, – it looks like the decision of the Putin government, not the American authorities. And I can’t say that it was done automatically. More importantly, how the U.S. government will do now when it is the center of attention. It was some kind of mistake or not.”

“In reality it’s worse. I’m not allowed reason whatsoever, Browder said. – As soon as I cross any state border, arresting me on the basis of illegal notification of Interpol, initiated by Russia”.

As reported, Russia made a well-known businessman William Browder on the list of persons wanted by Interpol. According to newspaper Guardian, the Russian President apparently sanctioned this step against Browder, who plays a leading role in the international campaign against Russia in connection with the death in prison of Moscow lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.