The prototypes of the wall to the US border and Mexico submitted for review

The representatives of the border service welcomed a new step in fulfilling the promise of trump, while the Congress is in no hurry to allocate money for the construction of the wall

Nine months after the inauguration of President Donald trump at the border with Mexico appeared first tangible signs of progress in fulfilling one of his Central campaign promises.

A couple of miles from the busy border crossing from Otay Mesa in San Diego there were eight structures of concrete and steel that reaches 9 meters in height. The samples of the solid wall, which is as good as trump, one would stretch along the entire length of the southern border of the United States, from California to Texas.

Whether any of these eight prototypes built in September, part of this wall is unclear. The U.S. Congress has not yet shown much interest in the allocation of money for construction, which, according to some estimates, will require 21.6 billion dollars.

However, the representatives of the border service on Monday welcomed a new step in fulfilling the promise of trump, gave rise to widespread support of voters, by which he was elected President.

“Our current infrastructure has been much more than 20 years,” explained Roy Villareal, Deputy chief patrol agent of the sector San Diego border patrol service of the United States during a press tour on Monday morning.

“Is there need for improvement? Of course”, he added.