In KSCA said, how will the facial recognition system

In Kiev began to work the video surveillance system with facial recognition. this publication reports the Medium with reference to the Director of the IT Department of the state administration Yury Nazarov.

Nazarov said that now the capital has 5 thousand surveillance cameras and it is planned to connect another 3 thousand. In the subway station Golden gate and station, cameras with facial recognition. the end of the year, the number of cameras will increase to 300, and they will appear on all metro stations and at the station.

The camera is able to capture up to 32 faces in a second. It is in the face frame and sends it to the cloud, where the video Analytics system compares the metadata entities with those that are in the database. Our database contain information about more than 100 thousands of criminals from the investigation Department of national police. Later the base will replenish missing.

Nazarov said that the cameras recognize faces with an accuracy of 95-98%. He added that during three months of system testing, the police found the criminal who was wanted for 15 years and revealed the abduction of a child from a kindergarten in less than a day.

Access to the system are the police, Ministry of internal Affairs, SBU, National guard, and district administration, kievavtodor and kyyivdorservis.

Recall, September 13 project Manager Smart City Kyiv Yuriy Nazarov said that in the Kiev plan at all entrances and exits of metro stations to install cameras with facial recognition.