Football: Captains and the judges of the Series And will be released for the matches with the diary of Anne Frank

Series And as part of a campaign to combat racism and intolerance will hold a rally at the matches of the 10th round.

Judges and team captains will be released on games with the diary of Anne Frank and the book “the Man?” in his hands. Books will give children, who will accompany the players and referees on the field.

The event will be held on the traces of the antics of the fans of Lazio during a match against “Cagliari” (3:0) left at the Stadio Olimpico anti-Semitic graffiti and stickers, including an image of Anne Frank in the form of “Roma”. The Italian football Federation opens disciplinary proceedings against Lazio, may complete closure of the stadium for the next match. The fans of Lazio are known for their ultra-right and anti-Semitic tendencies. To warm-up before tomorrow’s match against Bologna, the players of the Roman team will be wearing t-shirts with the image of Anne Frank.