Pablo Neruda “do not die of cancer”

Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda did not die of prostate cancer, forensic experts have said.

The Winner of the Nobel prize which was said to have died of cancer in 1973, less than two weeks after a military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet.

But his former driver, Manuel Araya maintains of fact, he died after having been poisoned by the secret services.

New tests on Neruda’s remains have now confirmed that he did not die of cancer, but have not yet revealed the actual cause.The mystery of the death of Pablo Neruda

Dr. Aurelio Luna said at a press conference, the experts were “100% convinced” that the death certificate does not reflect the reality of the death”.

The poet was suffering from cancer of the prostate, but this was not the life-threatening advanced the 16 international experts in order to conclude that a third party could possibly involved.

They will perform tests on a toxin found in his remains, which were exhumed on a court order in 2013. It could be up to a year before the results are known.

Neruda was a supporter and personal friend of Chile’s fallen socialist President Salvador Allende.

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The poet died on September 23 1973, 12 days after the military coup, and three days after he had been offered asylum in Mexico.

According to Mr Araya, on the day of his death, he called to say that he had been injected in the stomach while he was asleep, and to come to the hospital quickly.

Neruda died that night, and Mr. Araya says he has no doubt what killed him.

“Until the day I die, I do not alter my story,” Mr Araya told the BBC in 2013.

“Neruda was murdered. They didn’t want Neruda to leave the country so they killed him.”