What Sean Hughes wanted it after his death


A poem about the death of Sean Hughes written by comedian 23 years ago, popped up on social media as a painful tribute.

The poem, published in Sean’s book in the year 1994, is a title of the death and sets out a list of things he wanted done after he died

He said he wanted to dance, to laugh that the people at his funeral”,, meet, a loved one”. He also said that he wanted to say to the people: “I knew him, but prost”.

The former Never Mind the Buzzcocks captain died on Monday at the age of 51.

A fan dug out the poem from his book and posted it on Twitter after Hughes ‘ death.
The death of Sean Hughes

I would like to be cremated

I know, how boring funerals can be

I would like to gather the people to

to meet new people

a laugh, a dance, meet a loved one.

I want people to have free drink all night.

I want people to patch truths, half.

I want people to contradict each other

I want you to say, ‘I know him, but cheers’

I would like to that my parents were there,

more pain to add to your life.

I want the guardian to the mis-sprint three lines about me

in or referred to in the news

Shortly before the ‘parrot Brookside’ the history of love.

I want to scattered my ashes in a bar,

on the floor, mixed with sawdust,

a bar, where beautiful trendy people

Join me… again

S taken from Sean’s Book by Sean Hughes, published by Pavilion Books

The London-born Irish comedian, died in hospital in London. He was a team captain on BBC Two’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks, between 1996 and 2002.

He became the youngest winner of the Edinburgh Festival Perrier Award (now known as the Edinburgh Comedy Award) in 1990 at the age of 24 years.

Comedians, including Jack Dee, Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves), Sarah Millican, Katy Brand and Richard Herring were among those to pay tribute to him on Monday.

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