The aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan” made a RAID patrol near the Korean Peninsula

The ship conducts military exercises with the South Korean Navy to deter North Korea

Us aircraft carrier with a nuclear engine and a displacement of 100,000 tons, “Ronald Reagan” on Thursday carried out patrols in the waters East of the Korean Peninsula as a demonstration of naval and air power and to prevent military action by the DPRK.

The largest ship of the US Navy in Asia with a crew of 5,000 people traveled about 100 miles (160,93 km), running about 90 sorties of F-18 Super Hornet in the heart of the South Korean Islands.

The ship conducts joint military exercises with the South Korean Navy, which involved 40 warships deployed in the line from the Yellow to the sea of Japan.

“Dangerous and aggressive behavior of North Korea affects everyone in the world – said the commander of the shock troops of the ship, rear Admiral Marc Dalton. – These and other teachings, we make it clear that they are ready to defend the Republic of Korea”.

The presence of an aircraft carrier in the region in conjunction with other measures of military pressure on Pyongyang, including flights of strategic bombers B1-B over the Korean Peninsula, is preceded by the first official tour of the President of the United States Donald trump for Asia, which will begin November 5 with a visit to Japan and will also include a visit to South Korea.