Jeff sessions is testifying in the Senate

Among the issues discussed – the dismissal of James Comey and the meeting the head of Ministry of justice Sergey Kislyak

On Thursday, the head of the justice Department Jeff sessions speaks to the Senate judiciary Committee, answering questions from legislators about the work of Department headed by it.

In a statement earlier written statement and Roman sessions notes that the Ministry “strongly focused on protecting the American people from terrorism and would use every legitimate means to the American people lived in security.”

“Make no mistake – the threat is real. Losing ground in the middle East, ISIS will not leave attempts to send terrorists into our country”, – the document says.

During performance sessions recognized that in terms of respect for the rule of law is eroded.

In his words, “too often, the promotion of political interests placed above respect for the law”. He criticized several major administrative-territorial units called “cities of refuge”, because they refuse to give the Federal authorities of illegal immigrants detained on suspicion of criminal offences.

“We urge all the administrative-territorial unit to stop the lawlessness, to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities and stop releasing immigrant criminals on the streets, so that they continue to endanger others,’ said sessions. Is unreasonable”.

Among the senators ‘ questions to the head of the Ministry of justice – the circumstances of the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey and the reasons for this step, and contacts the head of the Ministry with the Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergei Kislyak during the election campaign.

Earlier, President Donald trump once made a criticism of the Ministry of justice. Trump wondered why the Agency does not conduct the investigation against the former Director of the FBI James Comey, who was fired in may in connection with his role in the investigation against rival trump in the election of Hillary Clinton. The Komi considered that against Clinton is not required to press charges in connection with the fact that she used a personal e-mail server during tenure as Secretary of state.

Initially, answering questions from congressmen, sessions defended the dismissal of Komi, however, refused to talk about the content of their conversations with trump on this issue. Komi has announced its findings just days after questioning Clinton, and sessions has said that a public announcement on the findings of the case violated the policy of the Ministry of justice.

On Wednesday, trump wrote on Twitter: “Wow, the FBI has confirmed reports that James Comey has made a letter about the removal of suspicion with Clinton long before the investigation was completed. Many people have not been questioned, including Clinton herself. Komi under oath said he didn’t do it. Where’s the justice?”

He added: “As it turned out, James Comey was lying, admitted information leakage and to shield Hillary Clinton. He was the best thing that ever happened in her life!”

Later, less than two weeks before the November elections in Komi Republic started an investigation against Clinton in connection with the discovery of thousands of her emails on the computer ex-husband the assistant Democrat, Huma Abedin. However, later the authorities said that there is nothing new in this correspondence has not been found, and closed the case.

Clinton after the election, said the decision of the Komi Republic to resume the investigation into the cause of his defeat.

The question of dismissal of Komi is considered in the framework of the criminal investigation, which is special Prosecutor Robert Mueller to establish, has joined the campaign headquarters trump in collusion with Russia, and whether the decision to dismiss trump Komi attempt to obstruct justice.

Trump denies any connection with the Russian interests during the election campaign, however, he admitted that thought “about Russia” when I fired the Komi, who headed the investigation of the Russian case to Mueller.

Sessions said that the statement of Komi on the results of the investigation against Clinton was reason enough for his dismissal, but declined to answer questions about their conversations with trump about what the President thought about Russia when I fired Komi Republic.