“I don’t think I will miss you”

Thursday, October 19th, Vladimir Putin took part in the plenary session of the International discussion club “Valdai”. From the current President of Russia was waiting for an answer to the key question — where and with whom the country will move in the next six years. But, as before, Putin declined to answer the question about intention to run for another term. But outlined the qualities which might be crucial for Russia’s actions in the international arena: patience, thoroughness and effectiveness. This list could be supplemented and the word “stability” — in any case, a consistent criticism of the United States.Without a vision of the future

The final plenary session of the club, which was attended by the President, was called “the world of the future: through the clash to the harmony”. This year, the experts specializing in the study of external and internal policy of Russia, noted the deficit of rationality, “strategic frivolity” of the modern world, as well as the danger of a collision between man and technology. “If artificial intelligence will come in the form of a charming blonde, what to do with it?” — asked the scientists.

To help with the answer, in conception, was the founder of Alibaba Jack MA. Famous Chinese stated that the world is moving from the era of information technology to the age of the digital, that globalization cannot be stopped, and the smart machines nothing to fear.

Interestingly, the chief guest — the President of Russia — experts laid unusual task for him — to charge the audience with optimism. In addition to the bright Outlook for the future, Putin waited and loud statements. Maybe even the announcement of the participation in the election of 2018. But to reveal its intentions before a foreign audience, the Russian leader did not. And even made a bored face, answering the question about the national tasks for the next six years. Also, a little bit bored, he answered the question of whether a woman to become President of Russia. “Everything is possible”, — said Putin.Patience, — patience

Talk about geopolitics at the plenary session did not bring loud or at least outstanding claims. Despite the obvious successes of Russia in Syria, Putin did not develop. He only once noticed that patiently and gently overcoming many of the contradictions in the region, Moscow is seeking positive changes: “There is every reason to believe I will say this, be careful that the terrorists we are there will finish soon”.

Speaking about the situation in Ukraine, Putin was also terse: “we had in mind was not something someone can take away something to share…” Russia is ready to return to a constructive dialogue with the neighbor, and she doesn’t need to border conflicts.

But a referendum on Catalan independence has caused much greater response from the Russian President. Proviso that it is not our business, Putin has reproached the Europeans: they “used to have to think” about such complex processes. “I know, right? However, he said. — However, at the time actually welcomed the collapse of a number of States.” And thoughtlessly, out of a desire “to please his older brother from Washington, unreservedly supported the secession of Kosovo,” he recalled. At the same time, the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the European Union, to put it mildly, not approved. It turns out, they in the West have the right fighters for freedom and independence, and there is wrong, concluded Putin.In vain trusted

The greatest attention of the President of Russia (and it’s a tradition) was paid to the politics of Washington. He stressed that the new sanctions package aimed at ousting Russia from the European energy market. Taking advantage of the situation, Washington is simply promoting their own, more expensive fuel. “Such a policy based on arrogance, selfishness, claim to own exclusivity, respect, or true greatness does not bring”, — Putin warned.

Promising just a couple of minutes to digress on the topic of nuclear disarmament, he has devoted at least 15 minutes. Putin stressed that Russia showed unprecedented openness to the United States in this matter. And in response received a complete disregard of national interests: support of separatism in the Caucasus and the tragic events in Yugoslavia.

That’s trust in the West Putin said Russia’s main mistake. Obviously now that confidence is not. But and anxiety, stressed the Russian President, also. According to him, for example, Russia is not concerned about the intensification of NATO forces. “We analyze, watch carefully, every step is known to us, is clear… Let them train. Everything is under control”, —he said with a smile.

The stone in the United States have thrown the former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, also present at the session. He laid on the States the responsibility for the radicalization of his country. When Karzai remarked that former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry arrived in Afghanistan and count the votes at the elections, Putin could not resist an ironic remark: “John’s a good guy, but apparently arithmetic he is not God”.Responded with a joke

Not a surprise, and the score that Putin gave the key event in twentieth-century Russia — revolution. Turning to the lessons of a century ago, he called the results of the Bolshevik revolution is ambiguous: “How closely intertwined negative and I must admit the positive impacts of those events.”

Putin noted that the revolution is always happening due to a lack of responsibility as those who wanted to preserve obsolete, requiring reconstruction of the order of things, and those who seek to spur change. The Russian President acknowledged that today’s increasing inequality generates millions of people the feeling of injustice and exclusion.

Ended with a plenary session another attempt to find out the plans of Putin to the presidential campaign. Moderator: Fyodor Lukyanov said that the Valdai club can hardly imagine is how to sit, if Putin will take “another solution”, referring to Putin’s refusal of participation in elections. According to him, Putin has become the mascot of the club, without him will be hard.

Putin in the answer has joked, and then noticed in the hall businessman Peter Aven, decided to tell a joke about a bankrupt businessman and his wife. “I really love you And I’m gonna miss you,” he says, leaving the wrong. “So I don’t think that I will miss you” — again laughed Putin.

Tatyana Melikyan