Happy meal? Here comes the McVegan


A Mcdonald’s test of a burger vegan, in Finland, has cooked up some “promising” results, with sales so successful that the company can offer the McVegan across the country.

But the people with the hope of a free animal of happy meal in other countries will have to wait: the test is specific to Finland.

Sales are from 4 October to 21 November, to the five shops in Tampere, Finland.

“The first results are very promising,” the spokesperson of the Heli Ryhanen said.

“At least for the moment, it feels like that could be sold at a national level.”

Less than 1% of people in Finland identify themselves as vegan, according to a 2009 survey.

But Finland is the consumption of meat is lower than in the US and many countries of Europe.

Ms Ryhanen said that the company believes that the McVegan the “next step” for their local menu, after veggie burgers have been added in 2012.

The firm developed the soy patty in Finland, the Finnish tastes in mind, she said.

“It was important to enjoy a juicy burger,” he said.

Making the item permanent will depend on whether the sales continue after the initial curiosity.

Mcdonald’s and its franchisees run 64 stores in Finland, a relatively small number that facilitates the ability to introduce new products. The Tampere stores have been used to test the menu items before.