Casting naked calls to the agenda?

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Many were shocked when Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she was forced, in a “Nude line-up” as part of a film-casting.

She described the experience as “degrading and humiliating”.

The actress spoke in the light of the recent allegations against the film producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused, of rape, of sexual assault and harassment.

He has “clearly the claims rejected” against him and said that all sexual relations that he had consensual.

Brendan McNamara

But Lawrence, apparently, raise the questions, if your casting experience is commonplace in Hollywood and the wider film industry.

Brendan McNamara, who worked as a casting assistant on The Bourne conspiracy, described Lawrence’s ordeal as “a terrible situation”, the “not representative of the entire industry”.

He now has his own casting company and makes the British independent films, and told to do his job”, is an actor to get as comfortable as possible for the best performance for our Directors and producers”.

“We want to put you in a position where you can, give us your best and not be uncomfortable,” he told BBC News.’Horrible and cruel’

“I’ve never had to do that something risque might be, but if I did, we would be in contact with your agent in advance to the actor fully aware of and make sure you are comfortable with what we do.

When asked about you naked in a line-up with other women at a casting, and is said to lose weight by a casting Director, McNamara added: “I don’t think this is a normal process”.

“It just seems terrible and cruel.

“It is not a casting to tell the Director the task of how someone looks or tell you to lose weight, it is our job to find someone that is right for the role.”

Brendan McNamara

He added that on his low-budget-indie-British films, he is working on now, “we try to treat everyone with the utmost respect, and all these stories coming out are awful”.

“I’m sure that the Weinstein stories are not isolated, are these people in positions of power, where you have to use those who are vulnerable.”

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