Aides to Obama and Bush has denied trump’s words about the neglect of ex-presidents to the families of the victims

According to Donald trump, most of the presidents didn’t call the families of the victims to Express condolences

Assistants two previous US presidents strongly refute the assertion of President Donald trump that former presidents paid little attention to the families of dead American soldiers and not call them to Express your condolences and thank you for your service to the country.

Trump said on Monday: “If you remember President Obama and other presidents, most of them are not called, many of them didn’t call”. However, aides to Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush say that they both found time for personal, telephone and written communication with hundreds and even thousands of families of soldiers, sailors and airmen who died in the course of foreign military operations over the past two decades.

The former Deputy head of presidential administration of Obama Alissa, Mastromonaco called trump’s “abnormal” and, using strong language, calling his statement a “lie”.

Deputy adviser Obama’s national security Ben Rhodes rejected trump’s “outrageous and disrespectful lie even by the standards of trump”, Recalling that during last year’s election campaign made attacks on the family of the deceased soldier in battle.

The official representative of the Bush, Freddy Ford, said that despite the rising death toll of American troops during the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush “wrote all the families of the victims” and met with “hundreds, if not thousands” of relatives.

The former head of the joint chiefs of staff General Martin Dempsey said that both Bush and Obama, their spouses “tirelessly cared for soldiers, the fallen and their families.”

During a press conference at the White house, Trump asked a question about why he has not commented on reports of the death of four soldiers of the special forces, killed earlier this month in Niger. The President stated that he wrote letters to relatives, who soon will be sent, and is also planning to call them.

But then he had to justify his comments about Obama’s lack of attention to the families of the victims: “I was told that he hadn’t called that many presidents do. They write letters. Perhaps President Obama is sometimes called, and sometimes not. I don’t know. so I was told. Some presidents didn’t do nothing.”

Later, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that trump “did not criticize his predecessors and stated the facts”. According to her, the previous presidents of the United States was not always called the families of the victims. “Sometimes they call, sometimes send letters sometimes they have the opportunity to meet relatives personally,” she said.

Trump said: “the Most challenging calls that I have to do is die when military. It’s very hard”.

The US President added that he wants to wait a while before calling the families of servicemen killed in Niger: “I want to call when it’s appropriate, when I consider what I can do.”

Earlier this month the Pentagon reported that on 4 October, four us commandos were killed in Niger during a joint patrol mission with local military. Reportedly responsible for the attack, which also killed four employees of the Nigerian security forces are the responsibility of the group “Islamic state”.