The foreign Ministry of Ukraine about the campaign for self-determination for Transcarpathia: Budapest openly flirt

Kiev hopes that the Hungarian government dissociates itself from calls for self-determination of the Transcarpathian Hungarians, who are at the Embassy in Budapest

The Ministry of foreign Affairs will “strongly” protest in connection with the Budapest Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary, the share of supporters of “self-determination for Transcarpathia”. About this on his page in Facebook said the head of the political Department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Alexey Makeev.

“It seems that Budapest, despite our many reviewers for extremely constructive diplomatic approach, openly flirt. We strongly protest and expect the Hungarian authorities to urgently isolate themselves from these shameful calls”, – stated in the message.

Now the Budapest Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary, the campaign “self-Determination for Transcarpathia”. Ambassador of Ukraine to Hungary Love Nepop said that on the shirt of one of the participants says “Transcarpathia rightfully belongs to Hungary. Self-determination for all oppressed Nations who are forced to live in Ukraine”. The rally brought the official flag of Catalonia.

As previously reported, October 11, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has received notification from the Hungarian colleagues about the action of “self-Determination for Transcarpathia”. The Ukrainian side in this regard was sent to Budapest a note of protest.

Earlier it was reported that Hungary demanded a revision of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU because of the education act.