The Patriarch drew the attention of participants of the Assembly of the inter-Parliamentary Union to the attempts of infringement of the canonical Church in Ukraine

Saint-Petersburg. 16 Oct. INTERFAX – Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill called on parliamentarians of the world to pay close attention to the attempts of the Verkhovna Rada to adopt laws that would infringe upon the rights of believers of the canonical Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

“Can not fail to mention the continuing Ukraine legislative attempts to discriminate against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, with which people associate the hope for national reconciliation. The proposed laws, lobbied by radical political and nationalist forces, will create legal conditions for bureaucratic interference in the internal Affairs of communities and dioceses, will bring even greater religious schism in Ukrainian society”, – said the Patriarch on Monday from the podium, passing in St. Petersburg the 137th Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union.

The Primate stressed that in the Ukrainian society, “today there is no other force” besides the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which “could become the basis for national reconciliation”.

In confirmation of his words, the Patriarch recalled the procession for peace in Ukraine, which was organized by the canonical Church last year and gathered more than 100 thousand people. According to Patriarch, the event showed that the Orthodox Church in Ukraine is “only for national peace,” while these legislative initiatives of the Verkhovna Rada “I want to make believers and the Church an instrument of political struggle”.

“This is completely unacceptable. I ask you to pay the situation close attention”, – concluded the Patriarch.

As reported, the bill No. 4511 involves granting a special status to religious organizations, “senior centers are in a state that recognized by the Supreme Rada as the country-aggressor”. UOC-MP has repeatedly stated that they view this document as discriminatory and rocking the boat of her community in Ukraine.

Bill No. 4128 involves the empowerment of persons belonging to the Church community, the right to change its Charter by a vote of a simple majority that, according to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, will lead to the legalization of “raider” invasions of its temples and their subordinating self-proclaimed “Kiev Patriarchate”.

Previously against adoption of these bills, in addition to Russian politicians and diplomats, spoke the other local Orthodox churches of the world, and the Vatican.