Ex-Celtic coach stripped naked to inspire his team to victory

The former coach of Celtic Ronnie Dale, now coaching the Norwegian club Valerenga, said that once helped his players, he stripped naked.

The team have not won in seven games in a row, and before the next game the coach decided to inspire the players, speaking in front of them completely naked. It worked, and in the next match, the team from Oslo won with the score 2:1.

“Probably many have seen me without clothes. But we should be having fun very seriously. I can’t do it all the time, otherwise the effect of surprise will be gone“, – quotes the expert of The Guardian.

Later, Valeriy midfielder Herman Stengel said: “I can’t say that it was beautiful, but it helped. He was trying to say that we should not be afraid fool of himself. Including on the field. We are good players and can totally handle it“.

It should be noted that Dale was not the first time take off her clothes in front of people. In 2009, Norwegian stripped to underwear, together with Stromsgodset to celebrate the preservation of residence in the elite division.

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