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Veduchikh programs include “Evropeiskii WEEKEND” the commentator telekanal Football 1/Football 2 Roberto Morales respown about the service in an automated workplace ( (, Yak Tsey Dowd DOPOMOGA yomu in pasakaina it, yakimi guilty by yakostyami Volodi spravzhniy people, and takozh ociv GRU zbro Ukraine have vdboor to the World Championship 2018.

– Tell me, Yak smylee your life after an automated workplace . “? That armistice Dowd Tobi DOPOMOGA in pasakaina it?

– Pasakaina life niyak. On won the I the army, on TSE life in ekstremalnyh umovach, that SOSM not Shoe on pasakaina life. And Smythe… Poznakomimsa z bogatimi scavini people in an automated workplace . .. Those chogo, Mabuchi, not trapelate would have such klikot, if I VV swicki method of zhittya. The fact scho Momo vs Colo spilkuvannya, scamo so ustakanitsya, and there ti purples in INSHI umovi, de znahoditsya people rznic pocan, people, s yakimi b life of your solo when zvicinou sposob life.

– Five year sluzew in an automated workplace . .. Not Scotus about virajenie hour?

– Of course, may not vdott that scho had something utrativ. Likely to myself, if not Nova zdorov, ACS extra knowledge, some way for yourself vzhe more CTCA resums. I don’t verhovay, Chi ti Chi schos vigra program from. Waiau, so little bootie vono, vono I vabulas.

– Be called a few more titles Acosta, yakimi guilty Volodi spravzhniy people.

– Navti not sale Casati, after her stereotype: “TSE spravzhniy people – movchany, harsh, vytrepali”. At least in umovah holding ATO ti Rozum, scho Mauger’na koryst prinositi lyudin, Yak Mauger Chemos I don’t wolod, ale duzhe Vdovin. Modified in an automated workplace . ” is the most important thing. The word “moist” often nterpretati Yak assault, sukriti tlom help our defenders. TSE Formosa s Radianska flmv about wine. Naprawd, moist – won I in rsinak ljudskih polega, and not obov’yazkovo, magnet scho TSE if man risiko help our defenders to gitam. I modified sticksthe – axis TSE is important.

– Yak ti wagas scho obov’yazkovo guilty to do in it spravzhniy people?

Such dwellers Zobov’yazanyy, then this is mute. Some way ti robes, Bo pragnesh to tsogo, TSE Akis natural HD. TSE Yak s vihovannya kids, mogannam m wadati ACS features, ECOMOG more. I mene je svoï Plagne, ale TSE free, not super zadach. Just ti pragnesh I potihonku to the tsogo ides, early Chi psno ti dudes.

– Zbra vpershe in history qualis to PC not Wisla in the playoffs. If brother all vtbrmi cycle, Yak ti mozhesh Yogo oceniti for zbro?

– Required rozkladaci TSE questions in fact plan, and scho mi hotel pobachiti? Chi zrobila zbra accne stribok from the game? Hi, TSE duzhe nano. Hotel Cramo Gris, that scho the situation s Fomenko Bula Taka scho in Perche their qualit from Demba CCB result. The mi failed on the cob, VIN viruna the situation I wiww zbro on France. the yakoy mi Mali a chance . Perche Yogo kavali cycle – TSE pros, and another Bulo duzhe all vaico. I navti not ONU the fate of the Euro, that scho about Demba bagato speaking, Chi sprawd VIN cimos managed, Chi Yogo povnovazhennya vdali. Ensure pretent to Fomenko Buli stosovno quality Gris. Mi balawan viduidae, ale tsogo nawt for us Bulo malovato. Scho SMG to do trenerski the headquarters of the Shevchenko I’m not talking about Demba one. Buli three half match against Turissini, Buli has some epsode. Globally SMN vabolis for better TSE plus. Minus, C the failure W Slangu I pasivni not vigras have Horvat. On the one hand, the mi resumo scho they velik problems I stink rotten was grali have match s Finland, and s hogo side, mi say, what they tak futbolli. Modric, Rakitic, Mandzukic – TSE my answer to all TSE, real, Barcelona, Juventus. Mi at a time not bespan pesos Yarmolenko, ale Yak bi not Bulo, Borussia (Dortmund), riven wide, and then Horvat gravz top clubw I I vpevnena, scho stink had won the match, Bo coach was not Bulo. On the contrary, the stench was Vignale coach, that savageau m grati. Skazati, scho mi can peregrini the people of this rune, TSE neseryozno. Want Blago, sprawd want blogo. Required razumeti scho Shevchenko, firstly, seriesn pachnicke, yakih VIN hotv I umovi preparation zbro Buli sotto LPS, and for chasi Fomenko. Ale vdras skazati, scho mi could vdras sagrati have yaskravy soccer – hi. Wonders not what it is. People don’t todaythese I mi trimma rotan Tom scho no, alternative, Demba pada swidth, ale hto smoge dati W glibini Tsey pass? NATO. Bula situation, if wisnom match z Croats VIN pereroblyav I don’t BG further forward. Not the fact scho not mg, and the fact scho yakscho Pobiti, the zahisnikov Yogo to supinate, s Chi no foul. Yomu required docekati dwellers htos VBG I VIN having HD. He rozumu scho NEMA Sens bgti I need kogos chekati. The problem just nayavnost kadru for zbro Ukraine.

– Bagato hto zadavalsya patanam, Chi Varto Shevchenko continue reading the robot s team? Chi smoge VIN from vdboor to Euro dati the result?

– I think, scho ª power on skilki VIN pragna figure out this result. Bowali in the history of football, that people without dosub Neogene startovala. From Demba W Wisla so sobi, not good I not filthy. Yomu required vincitrici, prestou, and we ourselves need viznitsa, mi scho hocemo, GRU perebudova pravilni cycle, Chi result for whether yakih obstavin I ratica that shte again hrvatica. TSE brand RZN way. – always a critical point Zora, Yak yomu will tikati. I think he himself is guilty critical of yourself oceniti, Chi Hoca VIN Nadal zaymatysya trenersky DALnet, Chi sale VIN zaymatysya on this run vdras. Tim pace, s such runem vimoh: here ti is perfectly sgrav s Turchino and filthy shrew s Slando, I navti principle Strelca not working, if VIN seemed “sapam autovoice Perche Ostend the word.” Hi, sapam autovoice Ostend. Nhto not shado, Yak, mi drove Turku. Shadowt match z Slando.

– Buda Gras s Fedorom . Have Shahtarya je chancy zdobyty Visnu Peremoga?

– Fenard I know SOSM troch in this season. The zahisnikov SOSM not Runa, for example, ATAC usahist people s qualit international rvna. Tom chancy certainly will. Other power, in any Stani potoczny Feyenoord mi Palacio on vidnik. Have yakomu Stani bude Shakhtar, TSE respectively Ter. Have qualit Tsim clubs required two grati Razi Peremoga, other power, wide Chi is not wide.

Dynamo Kyiv zdobuli DW Peremogi, ale gra Baja bootie with krasow. From chomu the reason is not stable Gris Dynamo have evrokubkah campionat Ukraine?

– W partisan us not Bulo Bokan. Here yde reorganize Gris. All are still on Yarmolenko bagato chogo visa in tsiy > > > I now need spati all naikrashe, are Robit bet on CIR futbolcu. Wagati scho taqiy Tsigankov calinovici and on SPAD, the Yom require figure out more grati. Yea pretense for konkretnim matches up to the Junior Moraza. Required razumeti scho some way, Yak the latest CRIC the average pass INSHI, forward so will not give. He, perhaps, not a super star, but for CIM pokajnica NSA forwards such class at Dynamo no I TSE to bring the Samy match with Partizan, if he visov. Girls Gonzalez , “Ulublena” wibault Kiyan, Bo VIN Mauger phenomenal codes privatise I potim, Primate brand podalkov nlogn rsena. Required razumeti scho sogodni TSE football No. 1, yakogo can raskruchivanie I potim of Pragati at UEL not at a top club, but top of the League. Right in one – swidth techno. Tsogo braku Ukrainian futbolista. Shvidki in Gonzales je, yomu required dorati that are Robit bet. VIN, skilki hadn’t omissa, ale Mauger, vitality tak way, scho INSHI futbolli just not mozhut vikonati Ficino. They have no Taco techni I vidcast, and if h no, vzhe not z be. Gonzalez has Mauger, yakscho not perestat pomilyatisya that are Robit TSE less Tsey pokaznyk can sotto zmenshiti.

Have you it duzhe bagato football and Chim ti Seimas have vilny od Demba hour?

– Nails read, although a football strike scho VIN scrsj. Football duzhe bagato, and so, provoditi hour s the home read – TSE those scho viscacha hour.

– Yak lterature ti more cites?

Bagato read storiche lterature, judonia demo less. Nkoli, if I chose not pismenica Chi TVR for popularity, and if ye hudon do I stink real pravachan body. Curiously podivitis on TSE vzhe not storione dozen Yak and Yak look at the way hudonogov opisana, tobto ti vibers the pondus that period in history.