In Kiev knocked down a driver who helped victims of accidents

October 15, around 23.00 on the prospect of Bazhana in Kiev did not share the road truck and Mazda. A passing driver stopped to help and eventually he got in an accident.

A Mazda that was moving in the direction of the centre, threw in the bump and turned in the opposite direction.

The driver of the truck claims that it was rebuilt in the adjacent right lane and didn’t notice the car.

“I’m physically in the mirror could not see, he was in a dead zone. I felt the impact and stopped. Saw that the car ahead of me begins to bear. We stopped, got out with flashlights and started waving,“ he said he told.

In turn, the driver of the Mazda said that after the car from hitting the truck turned, he turned on the hazard lights, put the icons that was in front of the machine “30 feet“ and began to swing his lanterns so that no one entered.

“The second truck was traveling at high speed. The driver managed to brake and jabbed me in the forehead. Because my car was turned off“, – he said.

Near the accident scene, stopped a BMW car. When the driver got out to help, he was hit by another car, the Zhiguli, whose driver drove the Mazda.

“I’m just in shock. We stood both waved their lanterns. He asked how I was doing and then it just blew. He was thrown several meters“, – said the driver of the Mazda.

The victim was taken away by ambulance. According to an eyewitness, the driver of the BMW broken legs, ribs and a damaged head.

We will remind, on Victory Avenue in Kiev on the evening of 8 October there was a road accident to participation of five cars.