Russia does not rule out the reduction of the US diplomatic mission up to approximately 300 people

The head of the Department of the foreign Ministry Borisenko said that Moscow has shown good will, having demanded to reduce the size of the diplomatic mission only to 455 people

The Russian foreign Ministry does not exclude that will demand from US to reduce diplomatic staff in Russia up to 300 people or less.

This was announced on Wednesday, the head of the North American Division in the Ministry of Georgy Borisenko, quoted by the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

In July, Moscow in the ongoing diplomatic conflict, urged the United States to reduce the number of diplomatic and technical staff working in Russia, about 60 percent, to 455.

The figure of 455 matches the total number of Russian diplomats working in the United States, including the Russian nationals working at the UN in new York, said Borisenko Agency.

According to Borisenko, the summer decision, which counted members of the Russian mission to the UN, was a manifestation of goodwill, and Moscow may not consider them when determining parity between the parties.

“Once [Americans] is not appreciated, we have a full right of this figure 455 subtract the amount that corresponds to the number of staff of the permanent mission. Then the number of American personnel in Russia should sink to the level of 300 people or less,” he said.