DPRK hackers stole secret plans of South Korea and the United States.

The burglary occurred in September of last year

North Korean hackers stole classified documents to South Korea and the United States, which contained action plans in case of war with North Korea. About it reports South Korean Agency Yonhap.

It is alleged that hackers North Korea in September last year kidnapped 235 gigabytes of military documents. Content 80% of them are not yet established, but according to South Korean defense Ministry, the stolen classified documents contained a joint action plan South Korea and the United States in the event of a military conflict with the DPRK.

Writes Yonhap, Pyongyang denies the theft of secret military documents, believing that accusations from South Korea are fictitious.

We will remind, the head of the Pentagon James Mattis called on US forces to prepare for military conflict with the DPRK.

Earlier it was reported that Kim Jong UN has supported the nuclear program of the country, calling it “the precious sword” of the DPRK. In General, the situation on the Korean Peninsula in recent months has escalated due to the ongoing missile and nuclear tests in North Korea, which caused strong dissatisfaction with the administration of U.S. President Donald trump caused another tightening of sanctions by the UN security Council.