Why Jameela Jamil is in a Good place

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Jameela Jamil is in a good place now.

Well, she is – quite literally – in The Good place, the hit-sitcom set in the life after death, which only reached the UK.

Your important role as Tahani Al-Jamil in the show, which also starred Cheers star Ted Danson and Frozen, Kristen Bell, has seen her celebrated for her comic timing and on-screen presence. You write a book and a film roll on the cards.

All this from someone who had never acted before and was previously best known for co-hosting Channel 4 teen show T4, and then BBC Radio 1 chart show.

We FaceTimed her, about all of the above and find out why you are a “weasel”, on the Basis of the “narcissistic nightmare,” Tahani and her plans to US President.

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“Wait – is that Jameela Jamil from T4??”

This is a pretty standard question on Twitter from the British audience, the only hooked on the NBC show The Good place, which will be presented on Netflix here, and surprised, as a familiar face on the screen.

During the introduction in the United States a year ago, the first landed in the series in the UK in a slip in the last month with little fanfare, with new episodes in the second series every week. ‘I was lucky’

“It was really watching cool to to unravel it,” she says. “Because the UK only has the show this year, everyone probably thought I was dead. But I had a lot of luck.”

Happiness is a bit of an understatement.

She moved to LA with no plans to act, but instead “to read and to DJ and maybe just a radio show again” and “traveling around”.

“I just wanted to see more of the world and experience new things and to make the most of my youth.”

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But it seems the world had other plans, starting with her first audition for what would be The Good place, but it was said that Mike Schur from Parks and Recreation was behind her.

“I was told about an audition for this role, and said: ‘no, I have no training and I’m surrounded by people who have dedicated their lives to”.

“My agent pushed me in there and said ‘let’s see if you can’t act when you act, we will not send you to another’.” Various cast

The audition was “very cloak and daggers”. All she knew was that the character of the British was because the team wanted a cast that was “as varied and different as possible”.

“I was hoping it wasn’t really a porn,” she jokes.

“But he [Mike Shur] it seemed to be. I don’t think anyone in Hollywood, I would have trusted, for, if it is so mysterious.”

She was so astonished for a second audition, she thought, “must flu have all the Actresses in Hollywood”.

By the way, if you got the call at 10 PM on a Friday night, she was about to go in the middle of a “fear” to listen to while waiting to take on the role. She was so overwhelmed, the parts that you had to lie down. In the middle of the roadway. In the middle of West Hollywood.

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“I’m still blown away. I mean, I started my first job as an actor than Ted Danson, and Kristen Bell,” she says.

“I’m a top-level blagger. I feel like my whole career was a huge-blag.”

The show centers on Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Bell, a more-naked-than-cute woman earn after you accidentally The Good ones) landed in the sky (aka, trying to take their place there through the good.

This version of heaven, fluffy clouds and angels playing the harp, but, flying lessons, houses designed to reflect your personality, and a lot of frozen yogurt shops. Seriously, they are everywhere.

She says her mind was blown” when she learned finally what was The Good place. ‘Comedy kept me sane’

“The whole thing was bananas,” does not add you, you sound so posh like Tahani. “Absolutely frightening. There is not a day I did not go to “the Ted Danson, Ted Danson.

“The first season was surreal. I was put under a golf buggy by the universal every day, and see parts of the Jurassic Park and get to know friends was filmed, much.

“I’ve managed to somehow take it in my step. When I said left on the last day, is a very casual good-bye, and “it’s all right, if you don \ ‘T bring me back”. And then I broke out in tears and cried all the way home.”

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Asked what was so overwhelming, she explains, when she was 17 she was hit by a car and not leave your house in more than a year.

“Everything I had, to me NBC was Comedy. They kept me sane in the darkest times of my life.

“I never could see ahead, getting my life back to normal – let alone in one of those sitcoms that had a healing and reassuring for me, and hopefully calming the people themselves.

“These comedies were my lifeline, and now it’s gone full circle.” To wear “too much’

And there are strange coincidences.

Ted Danson – who plays Michael, the otherworldly beings, the designed The Good place – was one of those comedy actors that you would see in cheers and Kristen Bell her first celebrity interview partner was on T4.

“It was to endure much,” she says of her collapse. “I was hysterical. I felt completely traumatized, how happy I was.”

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Jameela describes Tahani – who is Eleanor’s neighbor, and to live your anger, in a Villa, and it is ever so slightly condescending – as a “passive-aggressive, well-intentioned narcissistic nightmare”.

“I based her on someone I know is a narcissistic nightmare and now I’m really afraid, because it is in the UK.

“I was told that it is never shown in the UK, so I felt pretty safe, like the weasel that I am,” she says. “Now I’m afraid to come back.”‘Insane cameos’

She says she’s worried the British audience knew them too well.

“I really expected to hesitate,” she says. “I don’t expect people to give me a chance.”

It also promises some “crazy cameos” coming up, and reveals exclusively: “I’m going to kiss someone on the map. The first on the screen, and the seventh is for me at all.”

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From the looks of it, there may well be a third series, says Jameela, who signed a seven-year contract for the show, which means that you will be in Hollywood for the foreseeable future.

She says she finds that America is “a very healthy attitude to women and women of color”.

And, it seems, has taken to America has taken as much as he is to her – she admits she initially expected to see headlines like: “English woman ruined sitcom”. ‘Everything else is cake’

So, which means you put on your success?

“I’m not ambitious, but I’m very persistent,” she says. “I never think I’m going to get something, but I’m willing to try it.

“This is my victory, to give the willingness to give it a go. Everything else is cake.”

She is waiting to hear about a role and write a book based on the columns she wrote for the employee newsletter. Life seems pretty good, but what after that?

“I’ll be President in three years, I’ll realize rap album?” She tortures. “Who knows? It feels like the possibilities are endless.”

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