The radical left of Catalonia require Pokdemon to proclaim a Republic

MADRID, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. Leftist Catalan party “the Candidacy of national unity” (CUP) on Friday sent a letter to the head of government autonomy Carles Podemno with the requirement to proclaim the Catalan Republic.

In Catalonia on 1 October, a referendum was held on independence, which is not recognized by the Spanish authorities. For independence, according to Catalan government, voted 90,18% of voters, the turnout was 43,03%.

“Only through the proclamation of the Republic, we will be able to respect the fact that most of the people expressed in the voting. Only by proclaiming a Republic, we will be able to designate itself as a participant ready to follow civil and political rights of the population who are still under threat,” — said in the letter, published on the website of the party.

Representatives of the party noted that a response to the request of the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy “will mean the support is all of his threats, contempt and containment, as well as returning to the mainstream of the constitutional laws of Spain, with whom the social majority decided to break”.

The constitutional court of Spain has frozen the holding of the Catalan referendum before it began. However, speaking on 10 December in Parliament with the results of the referendum, Putteman said that the results of the vote on 1 October are entitled to announce the creation of an independent state, however, asked the Parliament to suspend the proclamation of independence a few weeks to start a dialogue with the Spanish authorities. On the same day Pujdeme and other supporters of independence of Catalonia, including some parliamentarians, signed the Declaration of independence, which currently has no legal force.

At an emergency meeting on 11 October, the Council of Ministers of Spain has decided to send a request to the government of Catalonia with the requirement to explain, whether they declared independence.The confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona