The former wife of Schroeder told about the impressions from the meetings with Putin

MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. German politician, the candidate of the SPD (Social democratic party of Germany) on the current state election in Lower Saxony Doris Schroeder-kepf said in an interview with Sputnik on his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Schroeder-kepf since 1997, married to Gerhard Schroeder (October 1998-November 2005 — Federal Chancellor of Germany). However, in 2016, the couple announced the beginning of divorce proceedings.

“When we first gathered in a private circle, to sit together a little longer than usual, frankly speaking, we’ve gabbed the whole night, discussing domestic and foreign policy topics. He (Putin — ed.) very versatile and a very smart person and I am very impressed — absolutely receptive to criticism. This night and those conversations will remain for me a wonderful memory,” — said Schroeder-kepf.