Russian pilot Yaroshenko in an American prison did not let the priest

Moscow. 3 Oct. INTERFAX – the Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is serving in an American prison “Fort Dix” a 20-year term, said that recently he was denied a meeting with friends and did not allow him an Orthodox priest.

In an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia” he added, in conclusion, constantly exposed to discrimination on religious and national lines.

“Prisoners of other religions enjoy privileges which Orthodox man is not even dreamed of. For example, the Jews were satisfied with religious holidays, it always goes the Rabbi, and they prepare a special kosher food. While this is my sixth year to ensure that I was able to purchase Easter Orthodox icon and crucifix. However, every year I denied this under various pretexts,” – said the publication of the pilot.

In turn, Protopriest Lubo Milosevic, who had intended to visit K. Yaroshenko in prison noted that the prison administration explained its refusal paperwork.
“I was told that my request and special forms to fill out to visit a prisoner allegedly lost. No notification I received. Now I will try the whole procedure is repeated again. The whole process is very complicated and strange,” said the priest.

K. Yaroshenko was abducted in Liberia in late may 2010 and transferred to the United States for alleged criminal conspiracy to smuggle large quantities of cocaine. He became the first Russian citizen, who was kidnapped on the territory of a third country by American intelligence agencies.