Historic oak alley will restore the walls of the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt

Saint-Petersburg. 10 Oct. INTERFAX – IN the square at the walls of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral will restore oak alley, lost in the siege.

As reports a press-service of administration of Kronstadt district of St. Petersburg, 32 Avenue of oaks planted at the Foundation of the Cathedral by Emperor Nicholas II, Vice-Admiral S. Makarov, John of Kronstadt. She was cut down in the autumn of 1941 for the arrangement positions of defense on the Anchor square and is not subsequently recovered.

Young trees for alleys grew from the acorn of the oak growing in the Ioannovsky monastery on Karpovka. It put John of Kronstadt in the late nineteenth century. The first seedlings restored the alleys were planted on Tuesday.

It is assumed that trees will be planted gradually, bringing their number for several years to historical.

The ceremonial laying of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral was held on 21 may 1903 in the presence of the Imperial family. After the prayer service, with the guns of the fortress and the ships were 31 fireworks in the shot, and the Emperor and the entourage were planted around the Cathedral, a 32 year-old oak.