The Belgian state Secretary for migration has decided to deny residence of the Imam of the Salafi

Brussels. 3 Oct. INTERFAX – Belgian state Secretary for asylum and migration Theo Franken said Tuesday broadcast on Bel RTL on withdrawal of the residence permit in Belgium, the Imam of Egyptian origin, preaching Salafism in the Great mosque of Brussels.

“We’ve had very clear signals that this man is Salafi persuasion, very radicalized, very conservative and a danger to our society and to our national security”, – explained his decision by the Secretary of state.

He said, “Belgium must take responsibility in the fight against Salafism”.

T. Franken assured that in this case “the problem is not with Islam, but with radical Islam and Salafism”.

He did not rule out that such a decision could cause tensions in diplomatic relations with Egypt, but insisted on the importance of the lesson clear position in this matter.

The Imam is trying to challenge this decision by legal means, the trial conclusion is expected in the coming weeks.