In Spanish foreign Minister has named the conditions for talks with Catalonia

MOSCOW, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. Madrid is always ready to dialogue with Barcelona, however, this dialogue must be built in accordance with the basic law of the country, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Spain Alfonso Dastis.

The head of Generalitat Catalonia Carles Putteman, presenting the Parliament of the autonomy referendum results, said that the results of the vote on 1 October are entitled to announce the creation of an independent state, but asked the Parliament to suspend the proclamation of independence a few weeks to start a dialogue with the Spanish authorities. On the same day Pujdeme and other supporters of independence of Catalonia, including some parliamentarians, signed the Declaration of independence, which currently has no legal force.

“We are always ready to talk to everyone, but that they don’t want to talk. They only want to talk about the referendum in Catalonia, which is prohibited by law. We always said that we are ready to dialogue with everyone, including those who advocated independence, but within the boundaries permitted by our Constitution,” said Dastis in broadcast by French radio station Europe1, answering the question about the possibility of resumption of dialogue between Madrid and Barcelona.

When the host suggested that opponents of the separation of Catalonia more than supporters, so it would be possible to hold a new, legitimate referendum, Dastis stressed that the Constitution does not allow such a vote.

“The problem is that the Constitution does not permit (to conduct such a referendum). It is necessary to change the Constitution… But we can’t accept the fact that part of the Catalan population decides for everyone what is Spain. And so we need to find a solution. But in any case, this referendum, even if desired, cannot be held solely for the Catalans,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Spain

Answering the question of whether Madrid to take some “authoritarian” measures, for example, to deprive the region’s autonomy or to impose a state of emergency, the Minister stressed that the Spanish government has always acted and will act responsibly and carefully.

“I can’t tell you in advance what will decide the government. The government always acts responsibly, proportionately and carefully. We will continue to do so,” concluded Dastis.

Commenting on the speech of the head of Generalitat Catalonia Carles Pokdemon, foreign Minister of Spain said that Pujdeme have not made a step towards Madrid, and, on the contrary, have continued to “pursue the road which leads to the situation that we would not like to see in Catalonia”. “In the end it will lead to economic and social confrontation,” he added.

A referendum on Catalan independence took place on 1 October. It does not recognize the Spanish authorities, and before he was frozen by the Constitutional court of the country. According to the Catalan authorities, voted for independence 90,18%, the turnout was 43,03%.The confrontation between Madrid and Barcelona