Us hackers plan to protect the election results

White hackers create a coalition, which seeks to prevent manipulation of election results

According to a person familiar with the plan, white hackers (the experts in the field of computers and networks, which systematically trying to break into a computer system or network on behalf of their owners to detect vulnerabilities in the security system) – plan to unite with the governors of States, scientists and researchers to help prevent hacking of the election results.

Coalition members are the organizers of the world’s largest hacker conference DEFCON, the national governors Association, Center for Internet security, the Atlantic Council and several universities, said the man, who was not authorized to discuss the Alliance before the official announcement of its creation on Tuesday.

The decision will be announced after the DEFCON organizers will publish the proceedings of the vulnerabilities in voting machines and computer systems that were found in July at a conference in Las Vegas.

Hackers dismantled the voting machines and computers used in the election, during the three-day event in Las Vegas. They were able to identify errors in the security system, which, according to the organizers of DEFCON, can use people trying to manipulate the election results.

It is expected that the report on the findings of the white hackers will be published on Tuesday.