Turkey has asked the United States to return exported by smugglers of ancient mosaic

ANKARA, October 10 — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey sent a letter to the rector of the University of Bowling green (Ohio, USA) with a request to return to the country of the ancient mosaic, illegally exported in 1960-e years, reports on Tuesday, the Anadolu Agency.

It is noted that a mosaic of the ancient city of ZEUGMA consisting of 12 pieces, was found during illegal excavations in the 1960s and exported from Turkey by smugglers. In 1965, the art dealer Peter marks sold it to the University Bowling green for 35 thousand dollars. Since that time, mosaic is on display at the entrance to the art center of the University.

The message of the Turkish Ministry of culture, transmitted through the Consulate General of Turkey in Chicago, noted that the Ministry has no doubt that the mosaic found in Turkey. If the University decides to return the artifact, Turkey will inform the world community, and also inform Turkish students about the work of the institution, the letter says.

The Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey since 2003, conducting work in which managed to return to the country 4311 artifacts. At the same time, work continues on the return to Turkey of 55 artifacts stored in 17 countries.