The murder of the photo removed from Batman game

Getty Images

A photograph of murdered Russian diplomat Andrei Karlov has been kicked out of a video game as a result of the allegations.

Appeared in the latest installment of Batman: The Enemy Within, made by Telltale.

Telltale said that he regretted the inclusion of the image of Mr Karlov, who was shot dead in an art exhibition in Ankara in December of 2016.

It was first discovered by the video game vloggers of YouTube Bro Team Pill, and screenshots of the that it was viral.

“Imagine finding a picture online of a real murdered diplomat and put it in your game of Batman,” the user Dont_Look_Back posted on the Telltale Games forum.

“It is not professional, disrespectful and despicable. The man was shot in front of the camera.”

Telltale apologized in a statement and said that the game had been updated to remove the image across all platforms.

“We regret this incident occurred, and we are taking the internal measures to ensure that we continue to maintain our high standards of production and quality assurance,” said a representative.