Russia threatened to limit the operation of “Radio Liberty”

In Russia refer to the law providing for retaliatory sanctions against mass media from countries where restricted Russian media

Russia threatened to limit the operation of “Radio Liberty” and “Present” in response to restrictions on work for the Russian media in Ukraine. About it reports the Internet-the edition “jellyfish”.

It is noted that the corresponding letter with the warning was signed by the Director of the Department of the Russian Ministry of justice for the Affairs of non-profit organizations by Vladimir Titov.

The document stated that the decision to restrict work on the territory of Russia “Radio Liberty” and channel “Real time” can be made on the basis of the law “On mass media”, which provides the possibility of establishing a limit media correspondents from those States where restrictions on employees of the Russian media.

As previously reported, in September, the U.S. justice Department ordered the television channel Russia Today to register as a foreign agent. In Russia it was viewed as “the oppression of the Russian media in USA” and the restriction of freedom of speech.