Apple box iPhone 8 Plus battery problem

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Apple is investigating a series of reports about battery issues with some of its new iPhone 8 Plus phones.

In the course of the last week, six reports have been discovered which show that the phones split the other as soon as they begin to be used.

In all cases, the battery inside the phone has swollen rendering the phone unusable.

It is not yet clear if the swelling batteries are a few isolated cases or are symptomatic of a broader problem.

The first report concerned the iPhone 8. More came from Taiwan. Phones with similar problems have now emerged in Japan, China, Canada, Greece and Hong Kong.

In a statement, Apple said it was aware of the reports and was “looking into” what could have caused the error.’Worrying’

Apple news site MacRumours, who reported the first incident, said given the large number of iPhones that had been manufactured it was “common” for there to be a “very low percentage of defective units”.

In a blog post, Sam Jaffe, analyst Cairn Energy Research Consultants, said battery bloating usually come at the end of a battery to the useful life. To have it arrive soon after a product launch, a cause for concern, ” he said.

“It could be a minor distribution of a random manufacturing error,” wrote Mr. Jaffe.

“If it is a bit more than that, Apple could soon be able to identify the battery manufacturing line that is loaded, stop the service and continue to make the iPhone 8s with no more questions,” he added.

Apple tracking problems Samsung with the Galaxy Note 7 last year.

Hundreds of defective Galaxy Note 7s have been reported as defective shortly after the device launched. The magnitude of the failure prompted Samsung to recall and discontinue the handset. The problem was traced to a design flaw.