Accused murdered boasted of the organization’s ex-lover to murder his ex-girlfriend claims

Louise Spiteri-Ahern, one of the three people on trial for the alleged love triangle murder of Rebels killed Ray Pasnin, he would have told his then girlfriend, “is dead. He has been shot. I organized”.

Ms Spiteri-Ahern made the statement immediately after the October 30, 2013 drive-by killing of Pasnin, his former friend, has told the NSW Supreme Court on Monday.

A November 2013 telephone call between Ms Spiteri-Ahern and a woman he met in a rehabilitation centre drug in Sydney, was played in court.

The woman, who had flown in from New Zealand to give evidence, made detailed complaints about the sharing of drugs at the centres of rehabilitation, and to discuss the murder in two different languages.

In the phone call, the woman describes how to fake urine tests, then asks the accused as “what is happening”.

Ms Spiteri-Ahern answers: “He is dead. Have you heard? It was news” and then says, “Pendle Hill shooting”.

Louise Spiteri-Ahern, (above, a judge) is on trial for the murder of his ex-lover, the Rebel bikie Ray Pasnin who was gunned down in 2013.

April Barber is charged with accessory before the fact to the murder of Raymond Pasnin, her ex-boyfriend. Photo: Facebook.

Jarrah House, where Louise Spiteri-Ahern met the woman who alleges she plotted her ex’s murder, while in drug rehabilitation.

The scene of the crime outside of the drive-by killing of Rebels bikie Ray Pasnin for which two former lovers are currently in test. Photo: Bill Hearne.

In a conversation in an apartment in the centre of Sydney, soon after, the woman said the two women smoked the ice and then the accused had claimed responsibility for the killing.

She claimed Ms Spiteri-Ahern had said that it was because of me he was shot” and “organized”.

Ms Spiteri-Ahern then allegedly said that he was “like a drive-by shooting,” and was conducted by “a friend of the band”.

Louise Spiteri-Ahern, 26, is on trial for conspiracy in the murder of Raymon Pasnin, who was killed in a Pendle Hill parking lot shortly before midnight of October 30, 2013.

April Barber, 30, also on trial for accessory before the fact that Mr. Pasnin murder and Ms Barber’s partner at the time, Amin Zraika, is also on trial for accessory after the fact.

All three defendants have pleaded not guilty.

The Crown says Ms Barber and Ms Spiteri-Ahern, both former lovers of Mr Pasnin, were part of a murder.

Ms Barber allegedly set the Mr Pasnin to be his mother’s Pendle Hill home at the time of the shooting, while Ms Spiteri-Ahern allegedly solicited a man named Daniel Haile to carry out the shooting for $4000.

April Barber and Mr Zraika were partners.

Amin Zraika has been charged with accessory after the fact.

Police in Pendle Hill, scene of the crime after Ray Pasnin killed in October of 2013. Photo: Bill Hearne.

The Crown case includes allegations that ms Spiteri-Ahern, that he had broken up with the victim, in 2012, was driven by “anger, possessiveness, jealousy, revenge, and hatred.”

The judge-only trial before Justice Stephen Rothman heard on Monday that Ms Spiteri-Ahern was entered Jarrah House, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in 2013.

The woman who gave the test was admitted to the facility for drug addiction treatment, and the two women “clicked”.

She said she had shared heroin, marijuana, and buprenorphine, with Ms Spiteri-Ahern while they were in the Jarrah House.

He said that the defendant had said she wanted to bash and kill a former boyfriend who had stabbed her “repeatedly and beaten repeatedly, “head trauma”.

She said that the two women had spoken in English, and “gibberish”, a form of “pig Latin” had learned in school.

They spoke in Jarrah House has a common area outdoor, walk in circles painted on the ground, designated areas for smokers.

The statements are repeated in court in both English and “no sense”, the defendant would have said, “I’m going to get my ex f***ing killed it … with a Glock pistol”.

“She said she was going to have her ex killed for what he had done,” the woman said.

“It seemed to be quite obsessed over the whole thing.”

April Barber arrives in a previous hearing, the alleged love triangle murder, the end of the Rebels bikie.

The court has heard that a drug rehab friend of Ms Spiteri-Ahern alleges she has taken credit for Mr Pasnin shooting. Photo: Bill Hearne.

The woman told the court that when Ms Spiteri-Ahern was packing to leave Jarrah the House, she would have repeated his program for the former “f***ing killed”.

By the time he met the defendant outside of rehabilitation centers, when the alleged claims of credit for his murder were made, Ms Spiteri-Ahern was “very happy and relieved, without stress”.

Asked by prosecutor David Patch if she was promised any benefit for making these statements about Ms Spiteri-Ahern police, the witness said that the opposite was true.

“I am a dog. Dobbing on someone, to be a rat, you get killed or beaten up,” said the court.

She said she hated the police because he had been “beaten black and blue” during his history as a drug addict.

She had at some point she took all the medicines which he has found available, the “all”.

Under cross-examination by James Trevallion, for Louie Spiteri-Ahern, the woman decided that she would be taking “the speed, the ice, buprenorphine, marijuana, LSD, ecstasy, Xanax”.

He even took the methadone, and Diazepam [Valium] and Seroquel [antipsychotic medicine] when it was prescribed for you for anxiety in Jarrah House.

Under lengthy questioning from Mr Trevallion, the woman has said several times that she could not be sure exactly where he had met Ms Spiteri-Ahern before allegations about the drive-by killing.

He said in a third and last meeting, at the end of November 2013, with Ms Spiteri-Ahern, when she sat down on the grass, near the Sydney Central Station, the defendant had stolen his Medicare card.

Mr Trevallion suggested that the meeting had not taken place at the time that the woman had suggested.

The trial before Justice Stephen Rothman, continues.