A tragic blow for breast cancer patients

Angela Knight, a full-time disability is a nurse, she took to this year’s Citizen of the Year award at Brighton Council, woke up Saturday, the missing your beloved Toyota in the driveway.

It is a burnt-out wreck, completely destroyed, on Cove Hill Road Bridgewater, 19 km from the Hobart waterfront.

Tasmania Fire Service has already been called earlier in the morning, when the thief, not satisfied with only stolen the car, decided to light it also.

It seemed to be rolled before it was set on fire.

Ms knight, the co-founder of the Bridgewater-Gagebrook Clean up, organization, said it had a “big break” to not believe if you got a loaner until they find a replacement.

Fortunately, she had just said a part of the daily radiation treatment for your cancer, you.

“I miss my little Toyota, but I know how happy I was stolen the insurance, so many cars and burned out, and for a lot of people, they said never again, and until the end, rely on public transportation or a friend,” Ms knight.

She said the perpetrator did not need to be held accountable, but are introduced to a program that could repair the cheap cars and bring them to victims.

“I would say to the people, destroyed my car, it can only be a means to have fun for you, it is causing great distress for their victims, it is not a fight, not to forget other means of transport, the stress of putting it on the finances,” she said.

Ms knight said car theft was a daily problem in the area.

“We know it is a problem for many areas in Tasmania and we are racking our brains to some kind of solution,” she said.

Not one to take things Ms Knight lie said she would raise the issue at the community forum on January 31. August in Brighton Civic Centre at 6pm.

The forum was for the turn to topics such as “vandalism, and car theft and other issues,” the feeling in the community that need addressing.

Ms knight was awarded the citizen of the year on Australia day for their work in cleaning Brighton municipality.

Together with Mark Bartlett formed the Bridgewater/Gagebrook Clean-Up group that has been dedicated to cleaning up trash in the area.

Angela Knight of Bridgewater, with her burnt-out Corolla in Cove Hill Road. Bridgewater. Image: SAM rose Warne.

Originally published as a Tragic blow for breast cancer patients