Facebook has changed the rules of political advertising

The social network attributed this decision to the Russian interference in the presidential campaign in the United States

The company Facebook has changed the rules of placing political and religious advertising in the social network. In a letter sent to advertisers this week, the company warned that now the ads target people who discuss “political, religious, ethnic and social issues” will be considered employees of one of the offices.

Only after that can appear in the network. Informed decision on publication of such ads automatically accepted computer algorithm.

The company warned that the new procedure may slow the timing of the advertising.

“This innovation provides that a larger number of ads will be the procedure with the help of our employees, – said in a letter sent to advertisers. – The new (advertising) campaign, containing targeted advertising, which, in our opinion, require additional consideration (related to issues such as politics, religion, ethnic and social problems), will be separately considered by the staff.”

This week it became known that the management of Facebook agreed to testify before the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Congress conducting its own investigation on the Russian intervention in the election campaign of 2016. Last Friday an official letter with the invitation to speak at a public hearing in the upper house sent management of the social network of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate.

In September, Facebook gave to Congress information about advertising communities and pages, registered with the participation of Russia during the presidential campaign. At the same time in the House of representatives was sent information about the purchase of the Russian companies advertising on the social network.

In total, according to Facebook, we can talk about 470 network communities and pages that were linked to Russian state companies.