Aussie fugitive taunts cops, cracking jokes as the authority in

BALI fugitive Shaun Davidson claims that he is in no place close to the border with Indonesia and Timor-leste, where the police has launched a new search engine to him in the last 24 hours.

Davidson, or someone with an intimate knowledge of him operating his many Facebook accounts, he insulted the authorities repeatedly during more than 10 weeks.

In a private message supposedly sent by Davidson to the shortly after 11 this morning, he claimed to have left the country for fear of being shot by local authorities.

“I’m still thinking about Indonesia, it is the best thing for me, so they can continue to watch and to think that I’m there, I’ll only be shot if I get caught inside Indonesia by Indonesian police and resist arrest none of these things are there, I’m not in Indonesia so their police can’t and when and if you ever have Interpol come knocking I’m not going to resist, I never resisted arrest (sic),” the message said.

“The taxes in Australia I have no faith in the system to transmit their own justice (a not guilty verdict) will be the judges to believe that a police officer on evidence from someone with a criminal history even if the evidence shows not guilty, or if there is evidence to prove the guilt, if I was not going to be deported to face the wall system in perth I would have never escaped and I feel sorry for the Indonesians that I just want to live the rest of my life to luck, I’ve retired and arnt doing anything that affects anyone else hurt I’m living a normal life in a new place and are happy to do so (sic).”

Earlier today, he posted the another message which said: “it doesn’t bother me that Ppl believe or not when I post something real, no one believes in it when the police say things that aren’t true Ppl believe, it is very funny that I can post my actual positions, and all believe that is not true, including the police haha.”.

Davidson had been asked to respond to claims by the Bali police that its members, and not he, were controlling his Facebook pages, which have marked the “check-in” from countries as far away as the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, and as of this morning, Barbados.

“The afternoon training session,” he posted alongside a map of the First Gym in Oistins, Barbados, at 3.30 am (AEST), followed by “the hour of Dinner, I’m starving” with a map of the Luna bar of Barbados, around 10am (AEST).

The 33-year-old has been the subject of an international manhunt after he and three companions were able to dig out the infamous Bali jail in a dramatic escape on June 19.

The research has had a breakthrough this morning, in Bali, the Provincial Police Chief Petrus Golose, revealing the authorities believe Davidson is still in the country.

“The Australian has not been (fled out of the country), and is still in Indonesia,” Inspector Golose, told AAP.

“He is the focus of a research project on the border between Indonesia and Timor-leste.”

A typical post from one of the many Facebook account of Bali fugitive Shaun Davidson. Photo: Facebook

This is believed to be the Facebook page of Kerobokan, after escaping from Prison, Shaun Edward Davidson using the name Matthew Rageone Ridler. Photo: Facebook

One of the many mock-up missing/wanted posters that appeared on a Facebook page allegedly belonging to Davidson.

As NewsCorp Bali correspondent Cindy Wockner reported last week, Davidson could be a free man today had he not staged his brazen escape.

He was serving a year sentence after being convicted of using fake documents, including another man in her passport.

Two of Davidson’s fellow fugitives were captured in a five-star hotel in East Timor, not far from where the current search is in progress — after a couple of days on the run and have been denied sentence remission for the next year.

However, in australia and in Malaysia, the national Lee Kok King, so far not managed to escape arrest.