Robin Ince: ‘Brian Cox does not allow me to find numbers fun’

The simplest thing I’ve ever seen

This is a tie between Brian Gittins manic attempt of musical chairs at the Green Man festival and Joanna Neary the performance of a very nervous woman trying to give a lecture on the use of sex toys. She is an underrated genius.
The funniest sketch I’ve ever seen

The Jesus v Satan sketch from Big Train.
The funniest TV show I’ve ever seen

A tie between The Youth and the Man Down. Ah, the crazed delight of Rik Mayall.
The most enjoyable part of the meal that I have eaten

Share a bag of peanuts with Bridget Christie and Caroline Mabey at the Machynlleth festival was a good night and talk about the best zombie v shark scene through a vegetarian lasagna with Graeme Garden and THE Kennedy in Laugharne was memorable.
The most fun hairstyle I’ve ever had

My hair most mornings.
The funniest thing that not should be fun

I think that we are in a simulated universe that has been deliberately positioned itself as a parody, so it’s all meant to be fun, even if some of it is tragic.
The most fun item of clothing I’ve ever had

I had a cream jumper with an image of Charlie Chaplin’s point on that was two sizes too small.
The most fun of the number of

Brian Cox [Ince’s Infinite Monkey Cage co-presenter] does not allow me to find numbers of fun as he believes that mathematics should be treated with the utmost respect. The most I’m allowed is: binary 1000010.
The most enjoyable part of the movie that I have ever seen

Laurel and Hardy County Hospital, best seen, sat down next to Johnny Vegas as I had the good fortune of doing last year. Breathless and sodden in the eyes.
The most fun to interrupt I’ve ever had

Non-verbal to interrupt, but being accused by a man dressed as a Klingon was very interesting.

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