Brazil in the center of Kiev: the updated Grill Do BrasilРеклама

In the first place, Brazilian Steakhouse Grill Do Brasil is a restaurant with an original concept straight from South America, and chefs, trained Brazilian chefs all cooking techniques. But, in fact, this place is more than just about the meat–Grill Do Brasil seeks to convey the guest of the Brazilian traditions, and most importantly – mood.

The concept

Grill Do Brasil – the only restaurant in Kiev, which fully works on the Brazilian concept of Rodizio, which is also called “eat what you want“.

That is why the meal at Grill Do Brasil is transformed into an exquisite ceremony, where the guest doesn’t need to look at the menu or get lost in the variety of dishes here will do everything for him. Paying a fixed amount of 500 UAH, visitors get unlimited food, which includes salad buffet with hot and cold snacks, as well as 14 kinds of meat cooked solely on the grill. You only need to enjoy the atmosphere, theme Portuguese music and variety of dishes.

Rodizio starts on weekdays at 18:30 with light snacks from the salad bar. In the presence of salads, potatoes, several types of cheeses, a signature Brazilian rice, artichokes, and even seafood. Throughout the evening everyone can choose snacks for taste and quantity, and add the sauce and spices which also have a salad bar. The main thing to remember is that ahead of the main meat. To wait the main dishes became even more enjoyable as an aperitif should give preference to the signature Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha (UAH 99), prepared on the basis of the Brazilian rum cachaca, or home wine (100 UAH 150 GRS), which will help the guest sommelier.

For two hours the guest offered to try a leg of lamb, Parmesan pork, BBQ ribs, veal ribs, ribeye steak, chicken legs, chicken hearts, chicken breast wrapped in bacon. In addition to meat, from the grill are served with garlic bread, vegetables and a caramelized banana. At the end of the hall endure caramelized pineapple from the grill – piece Grill Do Brasil.

Come in at Grill Do Brasil Rodizio can be in the lunch – the business lunch and the lunch served here is on the same principle from 12:00 to 15:00 (169 UAH) and from 15:00 to 18:00 (299 UAH). In Lunches consists of five types of delicacies from the grill, appetizers from the salad bar and soups.

At weekends the restaurant is open format Rodizio all day – from 14:00 to 23:00.


In the advanced menu presents only drinks and desserts, as all you need for a great dinner is already included in the order.

Desserts in a separate part of the Rodizio – at the end of dinner they bring into the room, and guests can choose any sweets.

Updated interior

In the new interior Grill Do Brasil decided to give more gloss. On updating worked Italian designer who has brought the institution signature touches in gold and mosaic, thereby making the interior more refined and comfortable. The most evolved the salad bar – it moved to the center of the room under a large glass dome. Now, coming into the institution, the visitor immediately see the snacks, hear their fragrance and leave, no supper, no longer can.

Completely changed the furniture is wooden tables and chairs are now rich Burgundy color, blending in with the meat and wine.

On the ground floor of the institution there is a Banquet hall for 50 people where you can organize private events, functions and conferences. Dinner is served separately – a personal Gauchos who will present guests with dishes from the grill, and snacks are served directly at the table served – the salad bar need not take place.