Grooming-victim of fear over Corrie errors

The sexual exploitation of victims may fear coming forward, and after a courtroom sketch of a grooming victim was in Coronation Street, he is feared.

The character Bethany Platt, 16, is in the middle of a maintenance action. The soap showed a sketch is drawn of her during the trial of their alleged perpetrators.

By law, sexual assault victim granted anonymity for life.

The former chief crown Prosecutor, Nazir Afzal, said he was “concerned”. ITV apologised for the error.

In the long history of Nathan Curtis, played by Chris Harper, was arrested for sexual exploitation and accused of forcing a teenager to have sex with his friends in a series of “parties”.
“Before The Watershed’

Mr Afzal said up to now, the programme had “a very accurate reflection of the victim experience”.


He said: “I think it was very brave before the watershed, and it has undoubtedly encouraged victims to report.

“But I am concerned about their error. A court artist must draw, from memory and does not need to pull the victims.

“We say a huge play, the sacrifice, no one will know who you are.

“These victims might get the error and it makes you uncomfortable, and we should not do it.

“We have to have the Genie back in the bottle; we have to fix something that should be unnecessary.”

A spokesman for ITV said the artist was “used solely to illustrate, in the course of time”.

He said: “We accept this is a true representation of the judicial process, and we apologize for.

“We have again and again of process in the, we hope, which focuses on support for the victims throughout the trial, encouraging someone to acknowledge the very fact, you would be in a safe place, if he has evidence.”

In June, five complaints were made to the broadcast regulator, Ofcom, to child grooming were shown scenes with Bethany Platt before the watershed.

The long-running Coronation Street plot showed three men pay for sex, then the teenager, played by Lucy Fallon follows, in a bedroom.