Poroshenko: the Tragedy of Babi Yar is a common tragedy of the Jewish and Ukrainian peoples

Today marks 76 years since the Babi Yar tragedy in the capital

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman tribute to the victims of the Babi Yar tragedy. The memory of words the head of state and head of government wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Babi Yar is one of the deep wounds caused by the Holocaust. This is our common tragedy, the Jewish and Ukrainian peoples. Eternal memory to the innocent victims”, – wrote Poroshenko.

“Today we remember the victims of one of the worst tragedies of mankind – the events in Babi Yar. The day of sorrow and grief”, – Groysman wrote in Facebook.

“It is our duty to preserve the memory of Babi Yar and pass it on to future generations. Only protects the memory from repeating the mistakes of the past”, – said the head of government.

Recall that in Babi Yar 76 years ago was carried out the worst atrocities of the Second world war. Kiev was the capital of Soviet Ukraine, when in June 1941 he was captured by German armed forces. More than 120 thousand people were killed in Babi Yar, including Soviet prisoners of war, members of the OUN, political opponents, mentally ill and Gypsies, Russians and Ukrainians. Only two days, the 29th and 30th of September 1941, the German Wehrmacht destroyed more than 30 thousand Jews.