“Surely, this is discrimination”

But many also defended Fifteen on the Corner, located in Lichfield, north of Birmingham, describing the policy as a “refreshing change”.

“We used to go to Fifteen on the Corner every weekend for breakfast, bacon sandwiches and coffee with my five-year-old son while my daughter was at the dance”, wrote a reviewer.

“We got on well with the people who ran the cafe and felt very good reception until one morning, we were turned away by a rude middle-aged man who said they are no longer allowed children in the café.

“I often walk past and smile now that I see the coffee is now half-empty and put half of the parents in Lichfield with their insight and discriminatory policy.”

Another user said that they had “never felt as victims of” cons”. “Believe it or not, a coffee is believed that it has the right to prohibit and scream, rather brutally, that the age of 12 years are not allowed,” they wrote.

“I am not sure that it is the legal reality, make sure that you can’t prohibit because of the color, the religion, the nationality, but that appears, you can ban because of the age of to eat a cake and drink a latte. Really hoping that this place, who are not brave enough to make [their] decision-discriminatory general with a sign, goes out of business quickly.”

Many customers slammed the decision.

While others have defended the move.

A woman has described his disappointment and the shock of the “rudeness and discriminatory attitude of our once favourite coffee shop”.

“Today, it was my first visit to Lichfield, after work and a difficult c-section, and my husband and me limping proudly with our 12-day-old baby to our favorite coffee shop to enjoy our favorite coffee and cake and tea in the breakfast,” she wrote.

“Shortly after, we were joined by members of the family who would also have joined in on the food and drink purchases.

“We had barely pushed the stroller two meters in the store before the normally friendly male manager …, prescription, in our way, like some bouncer of a nightclub holding out his arms to block us from entering further, by stating, ” No children under 12 years of age.’

“To say I’m disappointed by Fifteen on the Corner, it is an understatement. The café was half empty, my baby is asleep … If he was awake and started screaming the place down I took him outside as a matter of course, anyway.”

In response to the reaction, a number of customer reviews posted to defend the coffee. “What a wonderful peaceful coffee, no kids and politics is a blessing absolute,” wrote one critic.

Another praised the “excellent service, excellent coffee, a relaxed atmosphere, and not noisy children”. “Perfect for adults who don’t want to imagine him in a manger,” they wrote.

One person described it as a “welcome to haven” in comparison with other cafes in the area that have a “scrum of kids and strollers”, while another woman said that it was “perfect for a beautiful afternoon in the peace and quiet”.

“As someone who does not bear children or having a quiet coffee on a day off ruined by screaming brats, this place is a breath of fresh air,” she wrote. “Take note ” yummy mummys’, the people without children to enjoy a day without hearing yours screaming and wiping their dirty [mittens] on my jacket on the back of a seat.”

One user said the no children policy was “great news”. “For those of us who do not like to watch mothers breastfeed their baby in public, and who does not like dirty diapers to be changed on the table in front of customers, we have a very “avant-garde” establishment”, he writes.

Contacted by The Daily Mail for the comments, a female worker at the store confirmed the ban but said the owner was “out of the country until next week so there’s nobody here who can comment”.