Near Kiev experienced prostitute and a former athlete organized a brothel

In Kyiv region law enforcement officers detained the criminal group which organized a brothel, the press service of the police of the region.

It is noted that the 28-year-old experienced hooker to get easy money created my own “business structure“. A woman gaining girls “on the job“ through a rigid casting.

Girl model looks further provided sexual services to the residents and guests of the city and region. The cost of the services of prostitutes ranged from 1200 to 3000 UAH per hour.

Helped the operation of criminal business, 31-year-old former athlete from Zaporozhye. He provided security to the girls, was responsible for the discipline in the team and cash.

For advertising sexual services answered the 28-year-old native of Rivne, which is engaged in the development of the website, constant updating of pictures and creation of their portfolio. In General, for the work of “brothel“ replied five.

It also created the dispatch offices in different regions of Ukraine – in Kharkov, Kiev and Kremenchug. The duties of the dispatcher was to create the client base and constant updates.

The investigators simultaneously conducted 13 authorized searches in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Rivne and Poltava region. During the searches the seized money, computers, two firearms, Bank cards, notebooks with lists of clients, the graphics duty girls, dispatchers and drivers-guards.

Now investigative actions proceed. All participants of criminal group are detained, the question on election of a measure of restraint.

Earlier, police had conducted a successful special operation on detention of the criminal group, which organized providing various sexual services on the territory of Kyiv region.