Official Saudi Arabia was dismissed because of master Yoda in the history books

Deputy Minister of education of Saudi Arabia on issues of curricula Mohammed bin attya al Harithi fired because of the image of master Yoda in the textbooks for high school students. It is reported by Gulf News.

The Minister of education also decided to release from posts of those who read and edited the book.

Error in textbooks on the history we learned earlier in September.

In the picture in the tutorial one of the main characters of the epic “Star wars”, master Yoda was placed next to the king Vasalou Ibn Abdul-Aziz al Saudi. The picture was dedicated to the UN, it also was a picture of Prince Faisal (at that time held the post of foreign Minister) signing in San Francisco the UN Charter in 1945.

The Ministry said that all textbooks with the error will be removed and replaced with a new one.