Kyrgyz President called for the use of “rational Islam” for the development of science, culture and the humanization of society

Bishkek. September 28. INTERFAX – Observed in the world the rise of religious extremism and terrorism can only be overcome through tolerance and the preservation of their own culture, said the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev.

“The current wave of extremism and terrorism, hiding behind religious slogans, can be overcome through the strengthening of national States, the preservation of their own culture, language and identity,” said Almazbek Atambayev, speaking Thursday at the international conference “Islam in a modern secular state”.

According to him, “Islam does not oblige anyone to use religious symbols, does not impose its ideas and the faith that does not lead to a single dogma issues of worship, <…> moreover, should not be imposed under the guise of Islam the way of life, customs, clothing and culture of the Muslims of other countries.” “Such attempts can lead to a split in society, increased tensions and conflicts”, – said A. Atambayev.

He noted that different interpretations of Islamic canons, often not taking into account modern realities, and those ideological differences “are radical and extremist groups that exploit religious rhetoric, wreak havoc, commit terrorist acts, and provoke conflicts, including armed”.

“The usual was the use of the erroneous term “radical Islam”, and its consideration in a historical perspective will help to understand that the radicals were there at all times. <…> But radicalization is fertile ground especially where no clear mechanisms of change of elites and authorities, where for many years ruled by corrupt and authoritarian regimes,” – said A. Atambayev.

He believes that “Islam is not the cause of today’s problems and violent clashes in many countries, and the geopolitical game, social injustice and extremists of all stripes, often hiding behind the name of religion.”

Atambayev believes that “today there is the need to overcome dogmatic and superficial relationship to Islam, it is necessary to use the rational of Islam to the development of science, culture and humanization of society”.

“Today, especially the role of education and how important tolerance to a different opinion. Our task is to avoid extremes. We must be ready to rebuff the provocateurs, exploiting Islam to look soft, smart and effective methods. We must avoid the temptation to go the way of prohibition and suppression of dissent,” – said the President of Kyrgyzstan.

He proposed to create in Bishkek a permanent international platform to continue the conference “Islam in a modern secular state” dialogue, exchange of experience and discussion of issues of interaction of state and religion, countering radicalism and extremism.