In Kiev, detained a taxi driver took away from Opel armed robber

In Kiev patrol detained the man, who, according to the injured taxi driver, together with accomplices has tried to seize his property. The criminals threatened to kill a man and his family. This is stated in the message of the patrol police of Ukraine in Facebook.

In the morning, patrol police received a report that three unknown men attacked the taxi driver, took control of its Opel and, threatening with the subject similar to a pistol, and a knife, demanded $1 thousand.

The attackers threatened to kill a taxi driver and his family, if he suddenly decided to call the police. The driver promised to give the bandits money and supposedly followed them to the office. While the criminals were waiting for him in the car, the man called police and provided a detailed description of the attackers.

The crew of the patrol arrived on the scene, found the car Opel, which doors were open, but inside was empty.

The orientation of the criminals got all the crews in the city. Later a man matching the description, was detained. During a cursory inspection he found a knife and a Bank card in the name of the applicant. The victim recognized her attacker in the delayed.

Arrived at the scene investigative team, which will continue to find out all circumstances of incident.

Earlier yesterday it was reported that the hooligans smashed bits of cars outside the railway station in Kiev.