Jaguar Land Rover, the development of new technologies that prepare cars for the upcoming weather

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is the development of the forecast of the unit that can be mounted on a car to enable him to prepare in a variety of weather conditions.

According to a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization, the system will allow cars to prepare their internal temperature, transmission of parameters and traction control for the coming weather conditions.

The system will evaluate the air temperature, pressure, humidity, and light, while also using local weather information from a GPS connection. The patent says “the forecast can be distributed to one or more vehicles” via a central server of the information.

Several automakers, such as Mazda, already use features that can adapt to traction settings to the current conditions. But JLR system will be the first to predict conditions that are not yet present, the improvement of its efficiency and further improve safety.

Although no date of when this technology could make the market has been defined, the patent suggests its arrival coincides with JLR’s big push for electric and autonomous technology.

The brand will launch an electrified version of each model of vehicle that it sells by 2020, and has been testing a fleet of autonomous cars on UK public roads from 2016.

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