Like ‘Jamaica’ rule, Germany could

This is looking more and more likely after the German Federal election at the weekend.

Germany the Bundestag election brought the pro-business Free democratic party, a triumphant return to the Parliament, which is looking all but certain, was a thorn in the side of the two Chancellor Angela Merkel and Europe.

As the social Democrats (SPD), banks head for the opposition, an unlikely match-up between the FDP, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU/CSU Alliance and the Greens the only option for the government appears.

The prospect of a “Jamaica” coalition, named after one of the parties can be thrown in colors black (CDU), yellow (FDP) and the green, the bays between the parties, political convictions, in stark relief.

Brings the three together on climate -, economic-and financial policy would be difficult enough, but the FDP could be the biggest spanner in the works, to Europe.

Young party chief Christian Lindner declined to reform the euro single currency area — promoted by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, and gently welcomes Merkel — that would be a Central budget to smooth out national economic crises, managed by a Euro-zone Finance Ministers.

And the liberals prefer to offer in Germany, bumper budget surpluses to the voters, and the companies 30 billion euros ($35.7 billion) in tax cuts rather than invest the cash at home and the trade shrinking surplus of the country as their foreign partners is required.

“Of course we are willing to take responsibility,” Lindner in front of journalists in Berlin on Monday, while warning that “nothing could be worse than the continuation of the policy of the last four years with new colors”.

“We think it is necessary for a law to promote the responsibility of the individual” in the European countries, Finance, Lindner said.

The FDP would be willing to back something increased investments with existing mechanisms such as the European investment Bank, he said.

But “we could not agree to a Eurozone budget, which would automatically fiscal transfers in the EU, this would not solve problems but make them worse,” Lindner added.

The press conference saw the 39-year-old jab at the two potential coalition partners, claiming the CDU, the SPD and the Green were not distinguished in the previous Parliament.

He took the Green on your trip home, accuse you of being obsessed with banning fossil-fuel power stations and cars not easily achieved “low hanging fruit” of carbon dioxide emissions reduced.

“The Green you have to go to reach a very long street, the discussions about Jamaica,” Lindner insisted.

A Ukrainian journalist pinned the leader of the party below with a question on the annexation of the Crimea by Russia.

Lindner had argued during the campaign that the question should be, “fragmented” in favor of a normalization of economic relations with Russia through the gradual abolition of EU sanctions against Moscow.

“The annexation of Crimea (Russia) is a violation of international law,” he said.

“It would not be a question for the FDP faction of the lifting of the sanctions, without something in return.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a fourth term.

Lindner also took a moment during the press conference to “slam” of the SPD in the immediate exclusion of the return to the government.

The Free Democrats’ caution about joining the government, going back to 2013, when the party failed to delete the 5.0-percent threshold into Parliament — after four years of coalition with Merkel, if you struggled to have an impact.

The party is back, with 10.7 percent of the vote, enough for 80 people — but “Lindner know how quickly he could lose his 10 percent,” if he makes too many concessions to German news magazine der Spiegel commented.

Nevertheless, there are points in common with the Greens, the feed a joint programme for the modernisation of the German economy

Both parties insist on the reform of the unequal state-by-state patchwork system of education, focus on the acceleration of Germany, the creeping progress of the construction of the high-speed internet connections, and place a high value on the rights of citizens.

“Won’t rule easier for the (conservative) Union in the coming years. But it could be a better government for the country,” commented the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Asked how the coalition could go negotiations, the Deputy Chairman of the FDP, Wolfgang Kubicki told reporters: “my imagination is boundless, but it has its limits.”