Business in Ukraine: Gastrade will take up verification of new

By the spring of 2018, the Public service labour will complete a joint project with experts from the International labour organization (ILO) on working methods for conducting inspections by labor inspectors. This was stated by the head Rostruda Roman Chernega, reports

According to him, the Ukrainian inspectors also learn European practices of identifying undeclared employees and adapted to the Ukrainian realities of best practices of European countries in observance of labor legislation.

“In parallel we are already working on and implementing best practices. I do not exclude that we can see some bottlenecks and will initiate legislative changes. But in General, the legislative framework has been regulations and a new procedure for the control of our inspectors, and inspectors of local authorities are working”, – said the head of Rostrud.

In the opinion of the Chernega, the introduction of the new ILO recommendation will improve the work of labour inspectors in identifying violations of labor laws.